6 – 9 Oktober
Heart Rhythm Congress, Birmingham

Zenicor will attend the Heart Rhythm Congress Birmingham, UK

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24 – 26 September
Eastern Finnish medicine, Kuopio

Zenicor will attend the Eastern Finnish medicine, Kuopio, Finland

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6 – 7 September
Terveystalo Medical days, Hämeenlinna

Zenicor will attend the Terveystalo Medical days Hämeenlinna, Finland


30 August – 4 September
ESC European Society of Cardiology

Zenicor will attend the ESC European Society of Cardiology Paris, France

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Date: Tuesday, September 3rd

Session:             Remote Monitoring in Arrhythmias

Time:                  10:00-10:50

Location:           Digital Health Stage 2 – Digital Health Area

– Redefining patient pathways for early diagnosis of arrhythmias with the Zenicor
ECG solution
– Enhancing AF detection by combining intermittent ECG with continuous optical HR monitoring.

Date: Tuesday, September 3rd

Poster Session 7:   Early detection of Atrial Fibrillation

Time:                       14:00-18:00

Location:                Posters – Poster Area (P6538)

10 – 12 Juni
27th Nordic Baltic Congress of Cardiology, Helsinki

Zenicor will attend the27th Nordic Baltic Congress of Cardiology, Helsinki, Finland

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3 – 4 Juni
BSC British Society of Cardiology (British Heart Found) Manchester

Zenicor will attend BSC British Society of Cardiology (British Heart Found) Manchester, UK

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24 – 27 April
85. Jahrestagung der DGK, Mannheim

Zenicor will attend the 85. Jahrestagung der DGK, Mannheim, Germany

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10 – 12 April
21:a Kardiovaskulära vårmötet, Gothenburg

Zenicor will attend the 21:a Kardiovaskulära vårmötet in Gothenburg, Sweden

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20 – 23 März
Medical days, Tampere

Zenicor will attend the Medical days in Tampere, Finland

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17 – 19 März
EHRA Congress, Lissabon

Zenicor will attend the EHRA Congress in Lissabon, Portugal

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19 – 22 Februar
Pohjolan Medicaldays, Oulu

Zenicor will attend the Pohjolan Medical days in Oulu, Finland

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