10 – 12 April

Kardiologisen seuran kevätkokous, Helsniki, Finland

17 – 19 April

25:th Swedish Cardiovascular Springmeeting, Gothenburg, Sweden

24 – 26 April

SFAM, Swedish Congress for General Practitioners, Uppsala, Sweden

16 – 17 Mai

Kliinisen fysiologian hoitajien koulutuspäivät, Helsinki, Finland

14 – 15 Juni

AEPC Teaching Course on Paediatric Arrhythmias, Helsinki, Finland

Zenicor selected as supplier to the world’s largest screening programme for atrial fibrillation

Zenicor Medical Systems AB (publ) has been selected as sole supplier for a screening programme in the UK for atrial fibrillation. The screening programme is the world’s largest randomised controlled trial to discover whether screening systematically for atrial fibrillation, a heart condition responsible for one in ten strokes, and offering optimal treatment reduces the incidence of stroke, premature death and other health risks associated with atrial fibrillation. In total over 300 general practices across England will participate.

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